March 18, 2020 1 min read

The First Coffee

We all love coffee.. We drink it, We make it - WE LIVE IT.

But where did it come from ? What is the coffee origin?

Where Did Coffee Originate?

At the very beginning, it came from Ethiopia.But how the bean made it to every corner of the globe?.

After a slow discovery in Africa, coffee went west into Europe to be discovered and coveted by the newer civilizations as well as east into Asia where it was planted and harvested.

The famous story of the beloved bean starts with an Ethiopian goat herder stumbled on his goats acting quite strange.

They were dancing.  He discovered that they were eating red berries and concluded that this fruit was the cause of this odd behavior.

After stumbling upon this magic fruit, he shared his findings with a monk, who was ecstatic to find something that would help him stay awake all night as he prayed.

A different version of the story, claims that he shared the beans with a monk who disapproved of their use and threw them into the fire.

The result was a wonderful, pleasing aroma that became the world’s firstroasted coffee.Shortly after this, the beans were ground and boiled to produce what we know today as coffee.